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If you sense that there's more to your life than meets the eye, you can tune into the field of universal energy that welcomes your presence.

If you're not deeply satisfied by conventional religion, you can begin living in alignment with your personal truth.

It is your birthright to discover your connection with Source energy and experience fulfillment in your life.

Your Journey of Transformation

Living in Alignment is a transformative journey. You will learn to

Discover Your
Soul Connection

Darcy S. Clarke

Want to learn more about how you can tune in to your Soul's unique wisdom?

This engaging introduction to Living in Alignment offers clear, concise answers to your compelling questions.


Topics Include:

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Experiencing freedom to be embodies all of who you are: both a human and spiritual being.

Living in Alignment will generate tangible benefits in your daily life.

The LIA approach offers you individual guidance in becoming internally resourced and living authentically.

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Saying YES! to You and Your
Life: Thriving in Recovery

Darcy S. Clarke

For people struggling to stay clean and sober (and those who love them), this book is about how to escape the revolving door of multiple relapses and create a life of sobriety, wholeness, purpose, and gratitude.



Topics Include:

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